Doug Price of Priory Rotary asked Mark Record to make some photos and video of the lantern procession and the switching on of the Christmas lights on the 23rd of November 2019. The event was remarkably well attended despite the rain. The video is a little wobbly because an umbrella had to be fastened to the camera to keep it dry. This made the camera susceptible being blown about by the wind. Everyone carried on happily regardless of the weather and the images and video successfully capture the Christmas spirit. Lantern Procession Switching On The Lights Photos of the EveningRead More →

Extinction Rebellion Chichester invited Matt Ward to give a talk and explanation of the XR environmentalist movement. There were problems organising the event because it immediately proved so popular. Chichester XR group were concerned too many people would attending and would cause issues with fire precautions required for evacuating the building. Ticket sales had to be restricted and even then the assembly rooms were filled to capacity. For anyone who missed the event or wanting to review it, an audio recording of the talk is available below.  Read More →

Chichester Action is now hosting the following websites: If you run a local organisation maybe Chi Action could host your website. For more information contact More →

This resource will soon enable it’s users to quickly obtain independent websites that can enhance and improve our community. The website is intended to be a resource shared by organisations within the Chichester area, who are in need of a web-presence and meet the following criteria. Organisations using this resource shall do one or more of the following: Promote environmental sustainability in the city and surrounding area. Encourage community cohesion. Stimulate constructive debate of politics, ethics or philosophy. Engage in climate action to avert the extinction of humanity. Publicise local artists and musicians. Campaign for better cycle-ways and footpaths. Oppose the manufacture of weapons andRead More →