Demand Safe Streets for Pedestrians!

Refuse to Accept 20 MPH Two-Way Cycle Tracks on Village High Street Pavements

Village, Town and City Pavements are a vital part of our street scene and are a completely inappropriate place for riding bicycles.

All the UK guidelines and standards acknowledged that reallocating pavements as cycle tracks is highly inadvisable. There are rare exceptions where pavements (called footways in the highway manuals) might be used for cycaling:

  • Tracks parallel to remote rural roads, carrying only low volumes of walking and cycling traffic, can reasonably be designed as shared use paths.
  • Vastly wide city pavements where walking and cycling can be safely segregated, preferably with pedestrians and cyclists separated by a kerb, can safely accommodate cyclists.

It is self evident that in all other circumstances cycling on pavements is undesirable for a multitude of reasons. Some footpaths and bridal ways might be suitable for cycling. However pavements/footways adjacent to roads and  running through towns and villages are not suitable places to site cycle-ways!

Chichester District Council, West Sussex County Council and Highways England Want to Re-Engineer Village High St Pavements into Fast Two-Way Cycle Track.

Our local authorities are rapidly producing schemes to remove cyclists from our road by moving them onto the pavements. This is presumably to avoid  responsibility for town planning needed to handle increasing levels of traffic. Removing cyclists from the road may slightly increase road capacity for motor vehicles but relocating them onto pavements will come at a huge expense to the future prospects for walking and cycling in the area.

Of particular concern are plans to remove existing cycle lanes on the road between Chichester and Emsworth and move the cycle way onto the pavements where the A259 passes through the harbour towns and villages. A link to a copy of the Feasibility Study is available here.

ChiAction are Organising a Campaign to Save Local Pavements and Demand any Highway Improvements Must Meet UK Highway Standards.

Demand Better:

  • Pavements to remain exclusively for pedestrian use only
  • Resident’s right to walk safely and with confidence
  • Cyclists and pedestrians safely separated at road crossings
  • Highway design that meets appropriate UK standards
  • Design where all road users can coexist in harmony

Refuse to Accept:

  • Fast 20 Mph two-way cycle traffic on your pavement
  • Young, vulnerable or elderly residents being too frightened to walk
  • Cyclists riding across the mouths of driveways and junctions
  • Poor highway design that fails to meet minimum UK standards
  • Conflict and anger between all road users at dangerous crossings


Recommended Actions


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Switching on the Chichester Christmas Lights 2019

Doug Price of Priory Rotary asked Mark Record to make some photos and video of the lantern procession and the switching on of the Christmas lights on the 23rd of November 2019. The event was remarkably well attended despite the rain. The video is a little wobbly because an umbrella had to be fastened to the camera to keep it dry. This made the camera susceptible being blown about by the wind. Everyone carried on happily regardless of the weather and the images and video successfully capture the Christmas spirit.

Lantern Procession

Switching On The Lights

Photos of the Evening