This resource will soon enable it’s users to quickly obtain independent websites that can enhance and improve our community.

The website is intended to be a resource shared by organisations within the Chichester area, who are in need of a web-presence and meet the following criteria.

Organisations using this resource shall do one or more of the following:

  • Promote environmental sustainability in the city and surrounding area.
  • Encourage community cohesion.
  • Stimulate constructive debate of politics, ethics or philosophy.
  • Engage in climate action to avert the extinction of humanity.
  • Publicise local artists and musicians.
  • Campaign for better cycle-ways and footpaths.
  • Oppose the manufacture of weapons and instruments of torture.
  • Sabotage blood-sports events intended to harm, maim or kill animals for entertainment.
  • Resist war and violence while promoting peace.

Organisations using this resource shall not:

  • Use this resource to oppose any of the previously stated objectives.
  • Encourage racial intolerance.
  • Promote sexism.
  • Engage in religious intolerance. However, well reasoned, justifiable criticism may be accepted if made constructively. For example, all of the modern Abrahamic monotheistic religions have at some point engaged in ethnic cleansing of one another. The administrator of this resource firmly opposes this kind of intolerance and strongly believes people of different faiths can learn to live together harmoniously. The Hindu tradition and expectation that widows should jump onto their husbands burning funeral pyre ‘sati’ is another example of religious practice that could justifiably be criticised.
  • Persecution of those without religion. Although huge numbers of people were ethnically cleansed under Stalin’s Atheistic rule of the Soviet Union, this does not demonstrate non-believers universally share similar intentions.
  • Show hostility to members of our LGBT community.

This website was inspired by the Brighton Resource Centre who provide printing and administrative assistance to groups in their local community. Expanding Chichester Action so it can provide similar resources to our Chichester community is our long term objective.

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