Demand Safe Streets for Pedestrians!

Refuse to Accept 20 MPH Two-Way Cycle Tracks on Village High Street Pavements

Village, Town and City Pavements are a vital part of our street scene and are a completely inappropriate place for riding bicycles.

All the UK guidelines and standards acknowledged that reallocating pavements as cycle tracks is highly inadvisable. There are rare exceptions where pavements (called footways in the highway manuals) might be used for cycling:

  • Tracks parallel to remote rural roads, carrying only low volumes of walking and cycling traffic, can reasonably be designed as shared use paths.
  • Vastly wide city pavements where walking and cycling can be safely segregated, preferably with pedestrians and cyclists separated by a kerb, can safely accommodate cyclists.

It is self evident that in all other circumstances cycling on pavements is undesirable for a multitude of reasons. Some footpaths and bridal ways might be suitable for cycling. However unsegregated pavements/footways adjacent to roads that form the high streets of towns and villages are not suitable places to site heavily used cycle-ways!

Fishbourne Pavement
Fishbourne Pavement will become a bike track

Chichester District Council, West Sussex County Council and Highways England Want to Re-Engineer Village High St Pavements into Fast Two-Way Cycle Track.

Our local authorities are rapidly producing schemes to remove cyclists from our road by moving them onto the pavements. This is presumably to avoid  responsibility for town planning needed to handle increasing levels of traffic. Removing cyclists from the road may slightly increase road capacity for motor vehicles but relocating them onto pavements will come at a huge expense to the future prospects for walking and cycling in the area.

Of particular concern are plans to remove existing cycle lanes on the road between Chichester and Emsworth and move the cycle way onto the pavements where the A259 passes through the harbour towns and villages. A link to a copy of the Feasibility Study is available here.

ChiAction are Organising a Campaign to Save Local Pavements and Demand any Highway Improvements Must Meet UK Highway Standards.

Demand Better:

  • Pavements to remain exclusively for pedestrian use only
  • Resident’s right to walk safely and with confidence
  • Cyclists and pedestrians safely separated at road crossings
  • Highway design that meets appropriate UK standards
  • Design where all road users can coexist in harmony

Refuse to Accept:

  • Fast 20 Mph two-way cycle traffic on your pavement
  • Young, vulnerable or elderly residents being too frightened to walk
  • Cyclists riding across the mouths of driveways and junctions
  • Poor highway design that fails to meet minimum UK standards
  • Conflict and anger between all road users at dangerous crossings

Recommended Actions

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3 thoughts on “Demand Safe Streets for Pedestrians!”

  1. Myself and my neighbours have lived in our houses over 25 years they were built in 1896 ‘they are what they are built in those times they did not have to think about traffic’. Personally my lack of view onto the Main Road and trying to ease my way out during busy times of the day is getting a complete nightmare. You could argue we could put mirrors up but I know within days they would be smashed by bored teenagers. My task is to negotiate skate boarders, runners with ear phones in and the most dangerous are mums who let their under 5’s on their bikes ride far to up in front of them do they not realise they are almost under the bonnet of any vehicle with no adult in sight. Lockdown was like the old days now once again it is impossible to get out of the drive with all the new build. My mother who is 89 and lives in Prinsted Lane is very fit gardens everyday but is now too frightened by the excess traffic and parking in Prinsted lane and the challenge of crossing the Main Road and only goes out if I collect her in the car – this is not right. This is a dangerous and stupid idea that has not been thought through. I agree parts of the A259 might be able to accommodate this but not where I live quite frankly there will be a death in only a few weeks. I owned horses for many years and used to ride along this rode but now it would be suicidal. I am posting this so if it happens I have made my position very clear this is irresponsible.

  2. Agree Nicky
    This needs to go on the nextdoor neighbour chidham website will make more people aware.
    Who sues the people On bikes skateboards etc when someone dies/injured.
    Are these people going to have insurance?
    Ridiculous scheme whoever thought of this scheme has obviously nothing better to do in Lockdown But keep them in a job.
    Maybe our money should be spent sensible and not wasted on yet more bird brain ideas.
    Jackie Mellish

  3. Refuse to Accept:
    Cyclists riding across the mouths of driveways and junctions…….
    I disagree most strongly with the above statement. Cycle tracks are inherently part of the road along the side of which they are positioned. To accept the above statement would suggest that cyclists would have to slow down or stop at every driveway or incoming road. This is obviously not going to happen, so if it was made law cyclist would end up riding on the road as part of the traffic to avoid constantly slowing down. This is totally contrary to the purpose of cycleways in the first place.

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