Highways England Official Statement 4th August

Dear Mr Record

Please find attached a statement that Highways England have jointly prepared with West Sussex County Council and Chichester District Council regarding the proposed A259 Chichester to Emsworth Non-Motorised User (NMU) improvements.

This statement is being issued to local cycling groups in response to recent correspondence from them on the Highways England feasibility study recommendation. It clarifies the status of the project, our next steps and confirms that we will be testing the current proposals against the Dept for Transport’s recently issued LTN 1/20 guidance document on cycling as we move forward.

Kind Regards

Simon Elliott

Project Update : the proposed A259 Non-Motorised User improvements between
Chichester & Emsworth
The proposed improvement scheme seeks to provide a consistent and safe standard of provision for both pedestrians and cyclists along the A259 between Chichester and Emsworth. The proposals have been subject to a Highways England funded feasibility study which considered both on and off carriageway solutions.
Noting various constraints along the corridor, the study recommended that a shared pedestrian/cycle path would meet the core design principles of safety, directness, coherence, comfort and attractiveness, and could be delivered using the land available within the highway boundary. Funding has been allocated to develop this solution further.
The differing rural/urban characteristics of the corridor and the provision of a
consistent standard means Highways England cannot provide a segregated route
without significant changes to the road layout or the purchase of additional land.
Both of these constraints are currently outside of this project’s remit.
Highways England are currently procuring a delivery partner to take the project
forward. This commission consists of further data gathering, early engagement with interested parties, a review of the recommended solution against the recently published design guidance and production of a preliminary design. We currently anticipate that this stage of the project will commence during Autumn 2020.
We have received significant interest on the proposals published to date. We will be engaging with interested parties at key stages throughout the project’s development. Should you or your interest group wish to be included in the list of such parties, please let us know by emailing A27DesignatedFunds@highwaysengland.co.uk.
Highways England
West Sussex County Council
Chichester District Council
August 2020

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