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Chichester to Emsworth cycle link – Villagers’ anger at proposals to make path ‘two-way cycle track’ Plans to ‘turn pavements into two-way cycle tracks’ on the A259 have sparked anger amongst villagers.

By Sam Morton
Thursday, 6th August 2020, 12:30 pm
In Fishbourne, residents met on the A259 in the Village outside a cottage, displaying signs asking for pavements to remain dedicated safe spaces for pedestrian use. The scheme would see a seven-mile long off-road route link Chichester and Emsworth. Highways England said it was working to develop a solution ‘that works for both pedestrians and cyclists’. However, villagers and local cycle groups have expressed concerns over the scheme, which was announced in June, with many fearing that pedestrians would be put at risk when sharing the pavement with cyclists.

 Fishbourne Villagers

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Chichester Observer 22nd July Letter from: Chris Shaw, Woodfield Park Road, Hermitage, Emsworth

The proposed new ‘safe’ cycle route between Emsworth and Chichester along the A259 plans to do away with the pavements and turn them into a two-way cycle lane ‘shared’ with pedestrians. This idea could only be dreamed up by someone who never gets out of their car.
Heratage/Emsworth pavement will become a cycleway
For pedestrians this would be very dangerous. Granted, for most of the route there are often more cyclists than pedestrians but at pinch points pedestrians would be very vulnerable.
For cyclists, having to watch out for pedestrians, vehicles in driveways and give way at road junctions this would turn a 40-minute ride into an hour or more of weaving, stopping, bell-ringing and gear-changing, not to mention the frequent clipping and unclipping your feet from the pedals.
What is needed is clear, uninterrupted single cycle lanes on both sides of the road.
These need to be smooth, kept free of debris and potholes and clearly indicate the right of way at road junctions – exactly the same as motor traffic.
In addition, there should be no parking across cycle lanes.
Otherwise, even as a 74-year-old cyclist, I would prefer that cycle lanes be dispensed with altogether and I become a regular road user.

Chichester Observer reported Wednesday, 1st July 2020 ‘Proper Chichester cycle route solutions must not be kicked into long grass’ Letter from: Gabrielle Adams, Main Road, Fishbourne

Gabby is understandably anxious about the prospect of dodging bike riders on the footpath as she (and elderly neighbours living on the road) emerge from their gateways onto a cycle track. She is a keen cyclist but understands the new scheme will be a “recipe for disaster, collisions will be inevitable and pedestrians or cyclists are likely to spill into the path of passing traffic”

Property exits will lead onto fast two-way cycleway
Property exits will lead onto fast two-way cycleway

Chichester Observer reported Friday, 12th June 2020, that A new cycle route will link Chichester and Emsworth, Highways England has announced.

Roger Elkins, West Sussex County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Infrastructure, added:
“I welcome the news that Highways England is taking this shared cycleway/walkway scheme forward to the next stage – the detailed design phase.
“I welcome the news that Highways England is taking this shared cycleway/walkway scheme forward to the next stage – the detailed design phase.

Sharing pavement with a bike
Sharing pavement with a bike

Highways England Published 9 June 2020 that (amongst other projects) they Intend Building Chichester To Emsworth Route but do not mention it will be a shared path on existing pavements

They claim to be pumps £85 million into getting people back on bikes. However they also state the Arundel bypass will cost between £100 million to £250 million and that is only a single scheme aimed at expanding the road network for motor-vehicles.

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